Why Choose Calmée?

Calmée is a major European brand for Mindfulness tools. Our "Good vibes only" sound technology was developed with a team of scientists from leading universities and experts from sound engineering labs. Calmée is a safe and easy way to turn a stressful day into a more balanced mindful life style with almost no effort. With only five minutes a day of listening to Calmée you can train your mind to let go, relax and get the "smile feeling" which only experienced meditators have.

Even after a long busy day Calmée takes only a few minutes for me to energize and enjoy the rest of my day. 

Brit Steinmeyr
Restaurant owner

About our Smile for You

Janet Oisach

Customer Service

I admit, it`s not easy to deliver "good vibes" these days. But at Calmée the most important key qualification to serve our customers is our own "good vibes". So every day we meet at our Calmée Relax Island, to energize and team up with our team members. So  when we smile, we truly smile straight from the heart and we sense that it`s a privilege to share the good vibes with our customers!

Where we Smile

Calmée is located in a beautiful village with happy horses on green hills and mindful people who enjoy their lives.


Zum Brunnenhof, 82343 Poecking Aschering, Bavaria EU